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After LR-Coaching: A man had severe phobia for pigs, after a session he was given full explanation as to why, his phobia was from a previous life. A woman could not leave a job she had that just suffocated all the joys of life, after the regression it turned out that she had killed a frog as a 3 ...

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för 5 månader sedan
Fantastiskt bra, ger en läkande effekt. Tidigare händelser i livet gav mig tankar som förföljt mig under livet och som jag tvingats förhålla mig till. Behandlingen gav mig försoning, möjlighet att släppa det som varit och gå vidare i livet, fri från det förflutna. Stort tack!
- Gabrielle v
för 5 månader sedan
- Mel P


Do you have eg anxiety or insomnia? Hard to get going? Constant fatigue? Phobias, aches, sorrows? Excessive fears? Digestive issues? Healing Regression is a wonderful and respectful technique that heals in depth and you are aware throughout the session. In English - på svenska - eller på norsk online  
In full accordance with Sigmund Freud's (1856-1939) psychodynamic perspectives, which assume that problems in adulthood often stem from one or more traumatic events from childhood that cannot be consciously recalled.      
The idea is that in a relaxed state and in free association, this (these) memory (s) can be recalled and that this leads to healing.    
Reminding of hypnosis, but you are fully aware and remember everything afterwards, so that it feels safe. You also get tools to deal with emotions that come to the surface.
The healing process begins during the session and continues after the treatment. 

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